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About us

Our History

Passion and devotion are the beating heart of our company. With a century-long heritage dating back to the 20th century, Corsi & Nicolai was born at the core of marble extraction and design, in Carrara, Italy. The combination of the visionary direction of our founders, a thriving environment rich in culture and craftsmanship and an increasingly demanding market, led to an extraordinary expansion of the company in the 1950s. Since then, Corsi & Nicolai made its mark worldwide as an esteemed supplier, advocating the beauty and exclusivity of this magnificent natural stone.

To take our innovation and profound love for nature that makes us unique to the next level, in 2019, we entered a partnership with Franchi Umberto Marmi SpA (, one of the largest producers and quarry owners in the Carrara area. Together, Franchi Umberto Marmi Australia by Corsi & Nicolai, has grown to become a mature and balanced company, in which tradition, coupled with initiative and enthusiasm, ensures a high level of professionalism. Natural Stone supplied by Franchi Umberto Marmi Australia enriches the concept of luxury and prestige in landmark buildings and private homes. The quality of our products, continuous research for new breathtaking materials and our ethic values that place our customers at the centre of our business have already touched the hearts of buyers from all over the country.


Our Vision

Motivation lies at the HEART

Heritage: a long history of knowledge handed down from generation to generation marks our DNA. We unlock the value of our heritage as we carry out daily activities and support our customers turn their ideas into reality.

Expertise: where passion meets expertise, we plant our roots to begin a long insightful journey that takes our partners and customers to the discovery of natural stones. We believe in an ever-growing synergy between tradition and innovation, balancing essentials and trendy alternatives.

Awareness: our experience in different markets on a global level allows us to align our mission with an ever-evolving market. Being aware of our environment is one of our unique features that enables us to predict future trends, thus promptly meeting the needs of existing and new customers.

Response: our values place customers first. Thanks to our wide range of stone and our team’s expertise, we excel in turning our clients’ view into reality. Our tailor-made consultancy and support are the core of your customer journey with us.

Teamwork: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. All the amazing initiatives we fulfill with enthusiasm become possible thanks to our team of professionals who put their hearts and souls into our mission and strongly believe in the success of the company.